Ad-Hoc Mental Health Committee

Purpose Statement: Request that Brown County review its past and present mental health services and develop a more comprehensive plan to treat both short and long term mental health patients including but not limited to 1) alcohol and drug abuse detox and treatment; and 2) children, adolescent and adult mental health treatment.

Request that the Human Services Director and Brown County Sheriff work together to develop a plan to provide a treatment plan for prisoners who presently make up a third of our jail population.”
We review and have staff explain the expenditures made from the $1.15 Million dollars allocated for mental health services during the county budget process for 2016 and 2017 monthly.

Contact: Brown County Supervisor Guy Zima, Chair

Brown County Supervisor Eric Hoyer, Vice Chair

Meetings: The Ad-Hoc Mental Health Committee meets on the third Wednesday of each month at Noon. The venue changes, so please email Chair Guy Zima for location.